Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lady Gaga Gets Catholic Defense

Lady Gaga in her "Alejandro" video

 All of you who have seen Lady Gaga’s controversial “Alejandro” video know that it’s been getting strong reactions from so many different people. Some say Gaga copied Madonna and some say Gaga’s a Satanist, but Catholic writer and college professor Mathew N. Schmalz disagrees. His defense of Gaga actually explains the meaning of Gaga’s art.

Schmalz says Gaga and Madonna are “flip sides of the same coin” meaning they’re similar, but slightly different. He says there are two types of religion: the religion of the healthy-minded, which means everyone who serves God is happy, and the religion of the sick soul. The sick soul is about the tragic and painful parts of life. Can you guess which type of religion Schmalz said Gaga is, and what type of religion he says Madonna is? Healthy-minded or sick soul?

Further, Schmalz recognizes that Gaga’s style is exaggerated and she wants to shock you. Madonna does too, but Schmalz said Gaga is focused more on the dark side of religion and how it can really confuse people if they feel the religion rejects them. In other words, Schmalz is on Gaga’s side.

All in all, the article is satisfying because of its ending. Schmalz ends it with a lyric from one of Gaga’s most famous songs. He calls the lyric one of the most Catholic lines he’s heard in recent years. Before you read the article, can you guess which song lyric Schmalz used?

Watch the “Alejandro” video:

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