Friday, May 27, 2011

Bright Light Bright Light's Slinky Sexy Sweater

Bright Light Bright Light wears a sweater by Lu Flux

Handsome is something Bright Light Bright Light aka Rod Thomas has been before. But never has he been slinky and oozing sex until now. And it's all because of one sweater.

On the cover of his Limited Editon Tour EP Rod wears a lighted navy sweater by British designer Lu Flux, with a lattice design that resmbles apple pie. So, you're probably wondering why is the sweater sexy? Because it's the classic sweater that a hot girlfriend wears, and the sweater belongs to her hot boyfriend. This was very popular in the '80s. So in this case, Rod isn't the hot girlfriend, but the hot boyfriend wearing nothing but a sweater inside the yuppie penthouse. See, this is where the sex appeal lies: the fact there's nothing underneath the sweater...well...except warm flesh.

Let's also not forget that Bright Light Bright Light's image and music is guided by the 80s, but of course the darker side.

And the man to thank for this 80s-style sexiness is art director Alun Davies, a tall, rosy-cheeked man with runway looks. Davies is also responsible for the battle armor that Lady Gaga and her dancers wore on her Monster Ball tour for the last 14 months, whenever they performed the song "Bad Romance."