Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cassidy Noblett Is A Handsome Example Of A New Breed of Dancer

Usually, the backup dancers of a solo pop star are in the background and all the audience cares about is the pop star. It wasn't until Lady Gaga that I paid attention to the backup dancers, who in reality weren't in the background. They were major players in her show who had as much stage time as Gaga did. Over the past year, I've developed crushes on some of Gaga's dancers and I wondered why is it now that I'm paying so much attention to backup dancers? The reason is Gaga showcases them, she even gives her dancers cheeky nicknames. Perhaps, the spotlight that Gaga's dancers receive is the basis of her dancers' brand. She turns her dancers into more than just props and instead into personalities.

Two of my favorite Lady Gaga dancers left from Gaga's tour at the end of last April. The dancers were Mark Kanemura (of So You Think You Can Dance fame on the Fox Network) and Jeremy Hudson (who appeared as a dancer in the movie Fame). Mark and Jeremy performed with Gaga for the last time for her American Idol performance of her single "Alejandro." Surprisingly, none of the other dancers from Gaga's tour were there, but instead there were plenty of male dancers I didn't recognize. However, there was one male dancer who was shirtless and barefoot in shorts and a tuxedo cumberbund. His name was Cassidy Noblett.

I had no idea I would see Cassidy dancing again with Gaga because I thought he was only a fill-in dancer. When I watched a YouTube clip of Gaga performing "Alejandro" in Stockholm, Sweden on May 7, I saw Cassidy again. He was a permanent dancer touring with Gaga. He wore his hair in the same style he wore on American Idol, slightly long almost to his shoulders with the top layer of his dark brown hair in a ponytail. He was shirtless in cutoff shorts and boots. When I finally tore myself from his good looks, I realized he's a great dancer.

There's a point in the choreography when Cassidy and the other dancers shroud their arms around their own bodies, cocking their hands upwards to the side when the word "Fernando" played from the speakers during the chorus of "Alejandro." At this moment, no one else but Cassidy reminded me of a Roman statue posed gracefully.

While performing with Lady Gaga on the song "Boys, Boys, Boys" in Nottingham, England May 27, Cassidy showed off a raunchy side of his dancing. He had showed me the romantic side on "Alejandro." In various poses, Cassidy mimicks the campy poses bodybuilders make when in competition. In others he looked like the confident stripper with a heart-of-gold. I couldn't help looking at his body. Like most dancers Cassidy is fit. He's got the pecs, the pronounced biceps and triceps, the sculpted abs and a killer butt like a pound of meat.

The way Cassidy was dressed accentuated his beautiful anatomy. He wore white spandex pants, white Doc Marten boots, and an appendage on his crotch intentionally to make his "package" look big. It's exaggeration and over-the-top, which is typical of the Lady Gaga brand. I could tell that Cassidy and his fellow male dancers were wearing jock straps underneath their spandex because their butt cheeks looked squeezed.

Little did I know, the North Carolina-born Cassidy has been around the block dancing for some of the biggest stars in the world. Already trained in classical ballet, he's danced for Janet Jackson, the Spice Girls and he wrapped up Beyonce's I Am... Tour last March. In fact, he's worked with Lady Gaga before, on the set of Beyonce's video clip for her song "Video Phone." Gaga appeared as a guest in the video. Cassidy was one of the men who danced around Beyonce with a computer-generated camera piece replacing his head.

Cassidy informed me that he did appear in Lady Gaga's highly-anticipated video "Alejandro" directed by famous fashion photographer Steven Klein. With Klein at the helm, there's sure to be lots of erotic scenes with Cassidy in them. There is a God!! Life is good for these moments when there are ridiculously handsome men like Cassidy who can dance as good as they look. Cassidy brings back the time when dancers actually smiled, like in the 1990s. I haven't seen a dancer with a more infectious smile ever. Check out his performance with Lady Gaga in Nottingham, England of "Boys, Boys, Boys" below:


  1. Hmm... Who was the one with her on top of that cliff thing in her performance of Edge of Glory on the AI finale?

    1. Mark Kanemura was the one with her on top of that cliff thing in her performance of Edge of Glory on the AI finale?

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