Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Lady Gaga Brand Stays Strong On Larry King Live

The Lady Gaga brand was dressed down considerably on Larry King Live Tuesday night. Gaga wore no wigs showing her platinum blond bob, making her look like Virginia Madsen in the film Candyman. She wore a simple satin dress shirt, suspenders, black tie outfit and wristwatch. Black shades adorned her face. She seemed tired, but still playful. None of her usual outrageous outfits were on display. Gaga was just answering the questions Larry King asked her.

Larry King and CNN built up the sneak preview of Gaga's "Alejandro" music video to be something substantial, but instead it was only 19 seconds. It was a tease, but not really. CNN aired the sneak peek at the end of the show for the sole purpose of ensuring people watched the entire interview.

The interview was good, albeit via satellite  from London since Gaga is currently on the UK leg of her Monster Ball Tour. Gaga recently conducted a two-hour long interview in London for answering endless questions posted by fans online. The things Gaga does for her fans is astounding. Many of the answers Gaga gave in the Larry King interview were from the interview. There were highlights to the Larry King interview, worth noting.

Gaga cleared up the questions surrounding her about her testing for lupus, and she says she doesn't have lupus, but she's borderline. She has to take care good care of herelf in hopes to not get the disease. Gaga also revealed that her mother worshipped Princess Diana and cried when Diana died. Gaga also admired Diana's beginnings and how she was a woman who changed society and was adored by it.

She mentioned that she was going to open for Michael Jackson during his This Is It tour. In a thoughtful moment, Gaga said Jackson is an example of a fame martyr, just like the ones she mentions on her song "Dance in the Dark" (which also includes mention of Princess Diana). He's a fame matyr because he was "show biz" and even when he was rolled onto the stretcher in the ambulance after his hair caught fire in the '80s, he raised his sequin-gloved hand up high. According to Gaga, Jackson was also one of the icons she heralded and he was destroyed, whether by himself and/or the media.

There were many soundbytes from the interview that reinforce the ideologies that Gaga represents. She says her shows are a rejection of insecurities. She says her outrageous outfits that distort the human body not for sexiness, are meant to be a rejection of the way people view women. She said she has no interests in being a "placid pop star who looks good in a bikini" and is plastered on every gossip magazine.

One of the best examples of Gaga's brand was her love for dressing like the people she holds in high regard. Via satellite, Gaga was dressed in a long-sleeved dress shirt and suspenders looking like Larry King. She even hunched her shoulders a bit to imitate King's trademark posture. Gaga has imitated official figures she's met in the past before, like when she was interviewed by Barbara Walters dressed as Barbara Walters and met Queen Elizabeth II dressed in a red-latex dress that was a parody of the farthinggale dresses Queen Elizabeth I wore in the 16th and 17th Centuries. When she collaborated with Beyonce for Beyonce's "Video Phone" video, Gaga dressed as Beyonce. As doctorate student Meghan Vicks said in the article "Get your Ph.D in Lady Gaga," Gaga presents to these official figures a spectacle of themselves.

Gaga made sure to acknowledge her fanbase, which prominently includes the gay community. She thanked them for their concern about her lupus scare. She said that her latest video "Alejandro" is a celebration of gay love. The sneak peek of the video showed a military theme, so maybe Gaga sees the bravery that many gays display as militant and empowering.

Overall, Gaga achieved three things appearing on Larry King Live. She reached her fans, she reached a new audience (the older demographic that watches Larry King Live and CNN in general) and gave her fans a very small taste of her newest music video.  The Lady Gaga brand strikes again.

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