Monday, October 18, 2010

‘Glee’ Star Has Fantasies on T-Pain Remix

Kevin McHale Fantasizes at the beach.

By Christopher Cole

T-Pain + boy band + Glee = The “Can’t Believe It” Remix : Boy Band Edition.

“Glee’ star Kevin McHale and Perez Hilton-endorsed singer Travis Garland recorded their own version of T-Pain’s hit “Can’t Believe It” back in 2008, and on their version they continued T-Pain’s concept of fantasy. On this remix, Kevin and Travis recount their own visions of how they will win the affections of a female. Wow, it sounds like a fantasy musical scene

The “Can’t Believe It” Remix by Kevin and Travis featuring a no-name singer named RAS functions like a rap cipher where everyone spits some bars and flow to the beat, except these guys sing. The three singers sing to a female, painting scenes of what life would be like for her if she was their girlfriend. RAS offers the least imaginative scenario by trying to bribe the female with fancy things like “I can take you to Nevada/head to toe in Prada.”

The guys from the boy band NLT (at the time of the recording) offer more colorful scenes and show that they are very aware of their teenybopper audience. They don’t try to act older than their age. Kevin, who now plays the wheelchair-bound Artie on the hit TV show “Glee,” offers a fantasy that’s more down-to-earth than RAS’. In fact, Kevin’s fantasy could easily be Artie’s fantasy because both have an underdog perspective. Both are guys are cooler than they look, and they have to work harder to prove themselves. The following lyrics sum this up perfectly: “And I know you want a man that’s over five-seven/but you ain’t never met Kevin.”Travis offers a more self-assured fantasy where he’s a Texas boy looking for a “Spice Girl.” This refers to the best line of the song, in my opinion: “Girl, I’ll be your David Beckham cuz you know that I’m looking for a Spice Girl.”

It’s refreshing that Kevin and Travis keep the song youthful and clean instead of misogynistic and dirty. It was fun revisiting a song that I hadn’t heard in years, and relating it to the present where Kevin McHale is television star. Past + Present = Potential fulfilled.

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