Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alun Davies Indexes His Past With Bright Light Bright Light's 'Love Part II' Video

         Bright Light Bright Light searches for self-actualization in his "Love Part II" video.
By Christopher Cole
Alun Davies uses elements from his old work and combines them in the music video for Bright Light Bright Light’s “Love Part II.” Davies uses the broken glass/mirror from a photo shoot with Bright Light Bright Light and the geometric building blocks he used for the “Color Theory” magazine spread, as well as the doubling motif he used for the “The Intimacy of Fashion” magazine spread. Also, Davies uses different forms of light to signify enlightenment, like he did for the “Color Theory” fashion spread, as well as the veiling of the face he used before. He uses the veiling to show that Bright Light Bright Light’s self is not actualized yet, not fully-formed. Davies uses all the elements mentioned to show one man’s journey to self-actualization. The concept of self-actualization finally comes when Bright Light Bright Light is reborn as a liberated person. In the end, it’s a rebirth where the two people behind Bright Light Bright Light combine with him to make one person. The divided personality is now one and he is born again.  

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