Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bright Light Bright Light's Love Part II Revisited

Bright Light Bright Light is ready to hear your confession.

10 months after the video for Bright Light Bright Light's "Love Part II" premiered, the song and video affects me even more. I've decided to revisit the video and re-experience its rapture.

"Love Part II" really is this dark, existental video that reminds me that life is short. It hits me in the heart for two reasons: Rod Thomas's performance and Alun Davies' art directon.

At the start he's dressed in all black looking like a priest ready to hear your confession. By the time the second chorus hits, he's unzipped his black jacket to reveal a t-shirt with the collar a bit crooked. The crooked shirt makes Rod look younger, someone who could never be confused for a priest. Instead he might be the one asking for confession.

Dressed in all black
Every time he sings the word "love," he gets showered with confetti. The confetti shower reminds me of a wedding, when the newlyweds are showered with rice. The existentialism is made quite clear when Rod looks upwards, as if to God or some higher power.

There's one scene where a gloved hand covers Rod's eyes. They look like the same gloves worn by the duo behind Rod who wear cheese wedge hats. The duo represents fear, and fear "blinds" Rod preventing him from being in love. At the same time, the duo is the pair of hands on a clock causing so much anxiety.

Existential. Rod looks up, as if to God or some higher power.

In the ending scenes, Rod is wearing a button-down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his collar unbuttoned. The lighting is red = love. Valentine's Day. Cupid!

The smashed glass all over the floor and Rod laying on it is definitely apocalyptic. At the end of the video, Rod rests his head on the broken glass and closes his eyes. The message is simple: He wants to experience love before he dies. And the clock was ticking.

I hope I experience love, openly and in every way.

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