Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gaga Gets Seasick at CFDA Awards

Gaga at the CFDA Fashion Awards

Did you notice that Gaga looked a bit seasick yesterday at the CFDA Awards (Council of Fashion Designers of America)? Well, she was. She showed up as a creature of the sea. Gaga's choreographer/creative director Laurieann Gibson hinted last month that Gaga's upcoming "Edge of Glory" music video will be "fishy".

She looks like a mermaid wearing Anna Wintour's hairstyle. She glided through in a tight black tube dress with a long flowing train of black organza (mermaid tail!) The bodice of the dress had a scaly texture with spikes decorating the cleavage area; reminscient of her famous fire bra. The trim looks a lot like sea weed. Black sea weed. Since her dress was sleevless, she covered the remaining skin with a see-through shirt similar to what she wore in a 2009 issue of Maxim magazine. Of course Gaga wore her boots with no heels that she premiered in Japan last year. At one point, she wore a black veil that she's donned many times in the past.  As the night went on, her clothes kept coming off.

Remember though that a Gaga fashion moment is not just about what she's wearing, but how she moves in the clothes and how she brings them to life. She's not a mannequin, you know. She bared her teeth housed by her bright red lips, and clawed the air with her red-painted talons forming the monster paw. Paws up! She struck the same classic pose she struck on the cover of Vogue a few months back.

It's interesting that Gaga is going in this mermaid direction because she reminded me of Ursula the Sea Witch when she wore the meat dress last year.

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